About Us

Started in 2013, Plumtin is a brand that takes pride in its exquisite embroideries and old world charm. The brand's collection tells a folk tale with a contemporary twist. It was Samarjeet Kaur Gurm's grandma's trousseau that led to the beginning of Plumtin. Gurm grew up loving the richness and the depth of the old embroidery. Even though she worked as Strategic Brand Planner in Delhi, fashion always remained her passion. And she found herself returning to Punjab to create delicate pieces. Plumtin, as the name suggests, is a tin or the traditional trunk box of goodies. We take satisfaction in designing clothes that you want to preserve and pass down to generations. We make custom designed and ready to wear bridal outfits, trousseau, formal womenswear, cushions and clutches. We have a trademark registration for our KALABATUN Pashmina shawls; rooted in the marriage of traditional zardozi with weave.